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These carriers have a huge advantage over most in the entry price range as you can open the top as well as the front.


Either size is fine for a medium size cat but the larger the cat carrier, the easier it is to get a cat reluctant cat inside!

I have linked puppy pads on here too as it's a good idea to pop one inside the carrier in case your cat is nervous and toilets on the way to the vet. You will only use one per vet visit so one pack will hopefully last you for ages, otherwise you can just use an old clean towel.

If you don't like to look at a litter tray in the house then the Paw Hut might be a good option for you as it can blend into the furniture a little better. The door just opens and you pop the litter tray inside. You'll need a flat litter tray for this one.


However if it doesn't bother you, then I would just go for the Cat Flip litter tray, it works just as well. If you find your cat can't work out the flap door then you can just take it off and they will most likely just step straight in.

If you've got kittens you might need to start with a flat tray, but I would move to a cat flip one as soon as they are large enough or you'll spend your life cleaning!

You'll also need a litter scoop as you'll be poo-picking unless you want to change your litter daily; I've chosen one with a stand for you so it's easy to keep near the tray. And I've added the litter tray mat as an option that can work with either litter tray; in theory, it stops any litter being traipsed from the tray to your floor, but I've yet to find one which is cat-proof! I would say it reduces it by about 50% but I do use one myself as every little helps! 

Now there are lots of types of litter but they generally fall into two main categories, the white granules or wood pellets. The white granules mask the smell more, but the wood are more eco friendly; however you will probably end up choosing based on which your cat actually likes so perhaps try the wood pellets first then move to the white granules if you need to.

If you can get to the shops then stores like B&M Bargains do 30l of Wood Cat Litter for around £6 so worth a go, and if you're not fussed about the litter scoop stand then you can pick up a basic litter scoop for around £1 in most supermarkets.

You'll need 2 bowls per cat, one for water and one for food, and I'd just stick to the classic plain bowls to start with.


If your cat is throwing up a lot then it's worth trying them on a raised tilted bowl for their food to aid digestion, but I would get the single one rather than the double as cat's don't like to drink their water next to their food so just use the normal water bowl and the tilted food bowl.

If you have a number of different cats on special diets then you might need the microchip feeder. They are expensive but the only way to separate feeds really if all your cats have access to each other's food. Bear in mind you may need quite a lot of patience when you start with one of these as the cat has to learn to use them and can take time.

These are three of the most popular brands on Amazon if you are looking for the higher end wet cat foods.

It is worth doing your research and spending a bit of time looking at each of them so you can decide which you think will suit you best.


The standard brands such as Felix/Whiskas have packs of 40 in supermarkets which is the best place to buy them as their prices vary frequently online, but I have to say my cats will eat Aldi's own brand wet food just as easily! (And they are fussy on dried food - can't get them much below Iams!) 

You could choose to feed your cat all wet, all dried or a combination of both.


All of these are popular brands, so you can just click on and look at the ingredients, but realistically the decision is often made on the price that is the most comfortable for you.

They will all feed your cat just fine, but as with wet, the more expensive ones tend be slightly higher on protein/naturals.

Just note that the James Wellbeloved is for 4kg, Iams/Purina One are 3kg and the Go Cat is 2kg.  

The main decisions around cat flaps are whether you are worried about getting other cats in your house and how much you want to spend.

If you're worried that your cat will let in other cats then you can buy the Sure Flap one that will recognise your cat's microchip and won't open for any others.

If not, you can get the straight forward Cat Mate one, I've chosen this because it's got the 4 way locking system on so you can flick the switch to keep your cats in if you like them home at night, or if they are recovering from any vet treatment.


Avoid simple ones without a lock, they are the same price and a real hassle; you'll find yourself dragging drawers in front of the cat flap to stop your cat escaping when they're on prescribed home rest!

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