Fill in the contact form or give me a call and we can discuss your requirements.


I'll pop round for a free initial visit to meet your fur-babies, find out about their routines, and give you the chance to ask any questions.


Once we've decided to go ahead then we'll get the contract signed and your holiday dates in the diary.


Each 30 minute visit includes food, water, litter, strokes, cuddles, play, and a lot of love!

£9.50 / VISIT

Nanny McKitty will come to look after your fur-babies in your home whilst your are away, usually on holidays, but work trips and hospital visits too.


We cover Gatley, Cheadle, Northenden, Sharston and surrounding areas.

If you are new to us then you'll get in touch, we'll take some basic details, and arrange to pop round to meet you.


This initial visit is free and just gives us the chance to meet your cats or other animals, and gives you the opportunity to talk through their feeding and litter routines, tell us a little about their personalities, where their favourite sleeping places are, and ask any questions that you have along the way.

Then it's just a case of getting the contracts signed with the usual vet details and emergency contacts etc, and getting your dates in the diary!

You'll usually drop your key through my door the day before you go and I'll drop it back through yours after the last visit each trip. 

The visits themselves start with cleaning the bowls and topping up the food and water, then clearing the litter trays and dealing with any additional items like bins, plants and post; then we have plenty of time for lots of strokes, cuddles and play - whatever suits them best!

The aim is to tailor our approach to your fur-babies so that they feel happy and loved until you return.

And of course we'll send you photos, videos and little updates via What's App whilst you are away, maybe a little too enthusiastically sometimes, so don't feel that you have to respond to each one!

The next time you go away, you'll just call or text to check that we have the dates free and I'll get you booked in the diary there and then. Please try to book as far in advance as possible for the school holidays as these are obviously particularly busy times.

Look forward to seeing you soon!

Nanny McKitty.x

So how do we go about this?