This video just talks you through the basic steps to getting started with Nanny McKitty.

In a nutshell...

  1. Get in touch with your name, your location, your pet's name & type (eg cat/hamster etc!) and holiday dates if you've already booked. 07422 713 873 or NannyMcKittyUK@gmail.com

  2. I'll phone you for an initial phone call to make contact and arrange a free visit to meet you and your fur babies.

  3. When I visit it gives me a chance to get to know them a little, you a chance to ask questions, and for us to discuss their routines.

  4. After the visit you just need to decide if you'd like Nanny McKitty to be your petsitter and if so let me know and I'll get the contract across to you.

  5. Sign contract.

  6. Call and book me in!

Hope this helps!

Take a look at some of our other videos if you'd like to find out more!

Nanny McKitty.x

NANNY MCKITTY 07422 713 872 NannyMcKittyUK@gmail.com www.NannyMcKitty.co.uk www.facebook.com/NannyMcKitty www.instagram.com/NannyMcKittyUK/

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